School Lunches

alarmWhy do I find the fact that I have to pack my children lunches on weekdays at 7am so bloody daunting! I literally DREAD it!!! When they’re home on the weekend its a breeze, I dont even give it a second thought. But the minute you have to make a lunch portable, spill proof, peanut free, healthy (so the teacher doesnt judge you), and most of all Kid friendly, it turns into this giant pain in my you know where! This year I bought these Munchebox  cute containers which are not only functional, but also eco friendly, dishwasher safe AND spill-proof  and they kinda sorta make my job a little bit more fun in the morning! They come in a few color choices as well. Its fun challenging myself on how to pack a variety of foods each day into the compartments to make things interesting. Its funny how the simple things can make us moms happy hey?

** These expressions are purely my own opinions. In no way was I compensated or gifted these products. They were purchased on my own and for our own personal use.

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