Lets do This!



While on family vacation in Miami, I woke up and felt this urge to instantly find MY niche. Its been something that had been weighing on my mind heavily for the last few weeks even months prior, but I had kept pushing it off and just trying to focus on the important everyday life happenings. But somehow waking up in that Miami hotel room I couldn’t keep my mind off it. My friends had all found their niches… their escape from motherhood if only for an hour here and there…lash extensions, selling essential oils, microblading, jewelry making, the list goes on for home based businesses they started. And I was honestly jealous! My mind drifted off to how things were going to return to normal once we were back home. My kids would be going back to school and I would be back to the usual grind of cooking, cleaning and the school run. Don’t get me wrong, I am privelaged to be able to stay at home with my littles since they’ve been born but I crave that adult conversation each day at the water cooler. At home you get little to no adult contact or excitement during a typical day unless you count watching the Food Network or HGTV as adult contact, things can get really mundane, day after day after day, especially when you get little to no commendation for the most grimiest of tasks! I’m not asking for an award.. were all moms here, but a surprise Starbucks or vase of flowers when your husband walks through the door at night every now and then would be really nice sometimes ya know? That’s when it hit me…. I wanted to start my own blog. I wanted adult conversations on a daily basis, not just on playdates or when me and my husband exchanged pleasantries while passing each other by in between the thick of raising a family. So if your willing to come on this adventure with me, I thank you. I’m truly looking forward to this new journey and I would love nothing more than to have you guys come along with me! Lets make 2018 the best year yet!


Anxiety and Airplanes


Flying first class is often but a dream for most of us, me included. I have major anxiety when I fly. Now Im sure a lot of you out there have just said a “me too” after that sentence. But last year mine swung into the MAJOR anxiety category. Im talking, full on crying at the slightest of turbulence, clutching onto my husbands hand saying over and over again were going down were going down i just know it… all the while, my poor children are trying to comfort their psychotic mother.Looking back I dont even recall the people sitting around me, or what they must have been thinking. My poor husband! He was so kind. Holding my hand, I compare the way I was clutching onto it as to when I was in labour, nearly broke his knuckles he said it felt like. When we landed in our layover city I de-planed and had another anxiety attack full well knowing that I had to board the next plane in no more than half an hour (talk about tight schedules, we literally ran from gate to gate.) We made it to our final destination, we always do, despite the little voice inside my head thinking otherwise. Then we go about our trip and have a great time and then we get to the airport and it starts all over again. We land at our home airport, safe on the ground again, and I always say, never again will I fly, full well knowing in the back of my mind that I will again,for my family, thats why, but I will need that year to recover and work up my courage.

Well, that year came and went faster than I had expected. It was T minus 30 days til our trip and I could already feel the anxiety stirring within me. I booked a doctor appointment and I worked up the courage to ask for a relaxer. She willfully suggested one for and said its no problem. Well Im happy to say, I took that little pill bottle on with me fully prepared to take a pill before we took off on the runway. But you know what? The mom in me, the over protective one who needed to be alert in case of an emergency kicked in, the mom who reasoned it would be fine and nothing will happen. Where the heck was this version of me years ago? Well I can tell you one thing…. she wasnt in First Class. Know before you discount my post and roll your eyes, hear me out! I get it, not everyone can afford it, us inlcuded! But the difference it made on my anxiety was big enough to cover the cost difference. I KNOW that sounds crazy and I promise you im not.

My kind husband suggested it when we were booking with points and I second guessed him I dont know how many times. We decided to give it a go and I’ve never looked back since. You get to feel like a celebrity. Delta Airlines actually treat you like one even if your not! From the moment you walk onto the plane, your greeted with friendly smiles and best of all they are eager to take your drink order before takeoff… for FREE! (Well included in your highly inflated ticket price!… but its like its free!) Dont take my word for it, treat yourself one day!Your worth it and so much more! Im telling you it made all the difference in me, believe me.. Im writing this to you now from first class flying home from our latest adventure. Turbulence and all, Im feeling mighty fine…. isnt it weird how the mind works? Guess thereis something to be said for a little retail therapy!

**All expressions 100% my personal opinion, no compensation was given.

School Lunches

alarmWhy do I find the fact that I have to pack my children lunches on weekdays at 7am so bloody daunting! I literally DREAD it!!! When they’re home on the weekend its a breeze, I dont even give it a second thought. But the minute you have to make a lunch portable, spill proof, peanut free, healthy (so the teacher doesnt judge you), and most of all Kid friendly, it turns into this giant pain in my you know where! This year I bought these Munchebox  cute containers which are not only functional, but also eco friendly, dishwasher safe AND spill-proof  and they kinda sorta make my job a little bit more fun in the morning! They come in a few color choices as well. Its fun challenging myself on how to pack a variety of foods each day into the compartments to make things interesting. Its funny how the simple things can make us moms happy hey?

** These expressions are purely my own opinions. In no way was I compensated or gifted these products. They were purchased on my own and for our own personal use.